On December 6th, Zurich-based Cuban musician Roby performed his debut album,”Mi Locura”, at Alte Kaserne in Zurich. A catchy repertoire with a wide palette combining the feel-good vibes of classic Cuban music with the deep groove of the contemporary Havana sound.

It was quite an honor to us to design and develop the album cover art, logo, branding and social media content. You can see the project here.

In the concert, in addition to the pleasure of enjoying good music and share good moments with one of our favorite customers, we could see with our own eyes the results of our work: we had come to create an environment that conveyed to the public the joy and quality of Cuban music.

Yo can see more photos on the Roby’s Facebook Fanpage, or visit his website.

Roby Mi Locura Release Concert

Roby Mi Locura Album Concert Release

Roby Mi Locura Album Concert Release

Roby Mi Locura Logo Cake