We are very proud to have been featured last Saturday in the Cuban National Television. The national evening news program, Noticiero Nacional de la Televisión Cubana NNTV, featured our campaign “The Cuban poster in the Time of Coronavirus”. This project, whose name is inspired by the novel Love in the Time of Cholera, is about reinterpreting classic Cuban posters, adapting them to the context of the pandemic.

Created for a Cuban audience, “The Cuban poster in the Time of Coronavirus” takes into account the importance of the affective factor in the effectiveness of the persuasive message. For this reason, it uses symbols known by Cubans, which belong to the cultural heritage of the nation and its collective imagination. In some cases, a note of humor leads the receiver to approach the message in a more willing way, to decode it correctly, to become aware of it, to memorize it and finally to modify his behavior.

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