4ème Journée de la Saucisse d'Ajoie IGP. Design Annick & Yannick Delémont.

The 4th Ajoie Sausage Day took place last Saturday 28 May. The programme included food tasting and grilling in seven local butchers’ shops. As on the previous occasion, craft beer was part of the celebrations. The BlackPig Brewery – with its regional beer AtyPig – and the butchers of the “Saucisse d’Ajoie IGP” association teamed up to launch a joint offer.

Since its creation in 2018, the Ajoie Sausage Day committee committed to promoting this authentic local product. We are proud to have contributed to this objective by designing the graphic identity of the event. We created a friendly, modern branding, under commission from the Interjurassic Rural Foundation.

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