We design creative solutions to solve your communication challenges.

In a ever-changing and ever more complex world, where communication is becoming less and less presential, our mission to design effective messages that bring companies closer to their audiences becomes even more meaningful.

We are based in Delémont (Jura) and Basel. We have been living and working in this beautiful Swiss region for over 10 years. We will take charge of your projects in a climate of professionalism and trust.

A wide range of skills.

Our experience, background and dynamism allow us to master a wide range of skills. We are dynamic and passionate. We have carried out numerous projects in many fields and media.

360° communication.

We specialize in the management of communication projects. We offer global support in terms of visual communication. We establish 360° communication strategies that are implemented on various media (visual identity, advertising campaigns, website, packaging …). We propose to our clients the management of their projects from A to Z.

Flexibility to choose our partners.

The irreproachable quality of our work requires the possibility of choosing the right partner, adapted to the needs of each project. We maintain professional synergies with a wide variety of partners (photographers, printers, web developers), and we know how to find complementary skills wherever they are. Convinced of the importance of quality business relationships, it is in a collaborative rather than competitive approach that we develop projects with regional partners.

Rewards, exhibits and interviews.

We were interviewed several times to talk about our knowledge and vision of visual communication. Our work has been shown at several exhibitions and rewarded in several international competitions, some of the most important in the world.

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