This International Design Workshop brought together the Anahuac University and the company Wickelfisch SA in a project conceived for design students. Elaborated by Yannick Woungly (Wickelfisch SA) and Jacqueline Ramirez (Anahuac University), this workshop was directed by Erik Castillo, dean of design at the Anahuac University. Annick Woungly was in charge of design evaluation.
56 design students created a special design for the “wickelfisch”, the lighthouse product of the company Wickelfisch SA. They reinterpreted the product “wickelfisch”–a waterproof swimming bag– in all its extension (name, brand, graphic design, packaging and advertising campaign) for its use in a Mexican context. The designs reflect in different ways the essence of Mexican culture. The goal was to produce a “Mexican design”, or one that international consumers identify as such.


The workshop concluded with the selection of a winning design which will be produced by the Wickelfisch company in a limited edition of 100 pieces. These exclusive “wickelfisch” will be available in the Basel region during summer 2019.

And the winner is…

The “Mayan Character”, created by Jimena Femat Santibáñez, Andrea Gabriela Arriaga Pérez, María Laura Fernández Velázquez, Annuar Antonio Alva Téllez, María Álvarez Gutiérrez, Alan Tobin Castañeda, Diana Enid Fernández Cerón, Emiliano Sangabriel Martínez y Kenia Vázquez Ayala. Congratulations!