Last Tuesday, May 24, La Confrérie des Jardiniers officially unveiled the poster of its next theater show “Moutier côté Jardins”. Eight performances will be held from August 12 to 27 at the École professionnelle artisanale, in Delémont. Annick & Yannick had the pleasure to design the poster of the show.

The “Moutier côté Jardins” poster is the result of the association of two elements related to the region of Moutier: the Bible of Moutier-Grandval and the industrial side of the city. The visual style (graphic, typographic and chromatic) is inspired by the manuscripts created in the scriptoria of the abbey of Saint-Martin de Tours, where the Moutier-Grandval Bible was created around 835.

The complexity and beauty of the decoration as well as the metallic effects used on these documents by the illuminators and copyist monks of the Carolingian period were well suited for the insertion of motifs reminiscent of watch movement parts. The marriage of these two worlds generates interesting and intriguing associations: artisanal and industrial, ancient and modern…

"Moutier côté Jardins" poster unveiled.
"Moutier côté Jardins" poster. La Confrérie des Jardiniers. Delémont. Annick & Yannick.