Havana, 1882. Place and date of birth of the only Swiss watch brand with Latin DNA: Cuervo y Sobrinos.

A few weeks ago, Cuervo y Sobrinos launched its new lady’s watch, the « Señora Sol y Estrellas » (lady sun and stars), which we had the pleasure of designing. It is always a pleasure to work for Swiss watch industry, but this time we were particularly excited about creating a beautiful object that brings together the culture of our place of birth and the one of our adoptive country.

Massimo Rossi, the CEO, wanted to create a new lady’s watch designed by a female designer. As commented in this article on the brand’s website, our understanding of both Cuban culture and Swiss watchmaking were decisive strengths for this collaboration.

The design of the clock face is a metaphor for Cuba’s sky, which is very clear. The nocturnal temperatures are mild, which make Havana’s nightlife very lively. Sometimes the nightlife extends to the next day, so we mixed the sun and the stars in the same shape composed of radial rays, which looks like a sun and at the same time like a constellation.

“When Cuervo y Sobrinos decided to create a new lady’s watch, it looked to its spiritual home for inspiration. The Señora Sol y Estrellas refers to the sun and stars which look down on Havana’s inhabitants.”

We are honored to have been involved in this beautiful project. Thanks again to CyS!

Link to the project (sketches, photos) >>

Link to the article on the brand’s website >>